/ June 7th, 2018

Motorhomes vs Caravans: the Battle for Supremacy

Way back before package holidays and budget airlines, a caravan holiday was the chosen method of vacation for many British families. It provided the ideal opportunity to get away from home and experience the best of what the United Kingdom or France had to offer. There were no airports and flights to navigate, no waiting around for your baggage and tasteless airplane food. You just had to load up the car, make sure you had some maps on board and away you went.

Motorhome Lake

For many British adults, their childhood memories of holidaying are intrinsically linked to caravans and caravan parks. With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that for many Britons, staycation holidays are becoming ever more popular. And that’s not down to nostalgia alone. A caravan holiday in the UK – or even mainland Europe – is still a rewarding experience. The benefits that have drawn people to spending time in a caravan for decades, remain as valid today as ever before. But is it a more rewarding experience than holidaying in a luxury motorhome? We don’t think so. Read on to find out why.

What do they have in common?

Motorhomes Couple

Many of the perks of a caravan holiday can also be found when holidaying in a luxury motorhome. The most obvious being freedom. Not just the freedom to go almost anywhere you want, but the ability to up and leave a place, moving onto a new destination, whenever you want.

There’s also the freedom to change plans at short notice. With a caravan or motorhome, you don’t have the stress of scrabbling around trying to find a hotel with availability. Most campsite locations are vast. Having large fields and open spaces provides greater flexibility than having a finite number of rooms, so you will always find a location with space for some extra guests.

Motorhome Side Shot

Motorhomes and caravans provide great opportunities to meet new people and make friends. Instead of being just another guest in a hotel with hundreds of rooms, on a campsite you feel much more like you’re part of a community. A band of independent travellers willing to engage with each other and help out their temporary neighbours.

The great outdoors is always on your doorstep with a motorhome or caravan. With so many places to choose from for a location to pitch up, it’s almost impossible to end up spending your time somewhere that isn’t incredibly picturesque and alive with nature. More often than not, you won’t have to travel to the local beauty spot, you’ll be waking up there.

Luxury motorhome or caravan?

Motorhome Interior 1

So we’ve discovered the similarities between the two, but what sets them apart? What is it that elevates a luxury motorhome beyond a caravan?

Motorhomes are far superior to caravans when it comes to the simple task of getting to wherever it is you’re intending to holiday. Driving a motorhome is a far more comfortable experience all round, especially for longer journeys on fast roads, where the sturdiness and stability of a motorhome really comes into play.

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Caravans carry far less weight than motorhomes, so you’ll often find your car loaded to the brim when towing a caravan. Leaving you cramped, uncomfortable and stressed, with an eye constantly checking to see that the caravan is towing safely behind you.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of towing and manoeuvring a caravan, you could choose to go for a static caravan instead, but then you would be giving up the freedom that is supposed to come with a caravan holiday.

Motorhome Couple outside_ View of Bike

With a luxury motorhome, you can carry far more weight. So you can load up whatever items you want, leaving nothing behind that you need, and stay comfortable in the knowledge that you won’t be crammed into the front seat of a car for your journey. You’re also not beholden to service stations in a motorhome. If you need the bathroom or a break from driving, simply pull off the road at a suitable place and take however long you need.

Motorhomes excel when you reach your destination too. As well as being far easier to manoeuvre than caravans on the road, motorhomes present a much simpler process when it comes to manoeuvring into – and parking at – your pitch. Once you’ve parked a motorhome there’s no need to uncouple, hook up the electricity, fetch water and attach the waste meter. Simply walk into the back of the vehicle and put the kettle on.

When compared to a caravan, motorhomes are almost restriction free for choosing your final destination. With long battery life and additional spares on board, you never have to worry about running out of power. So you can stop and stay wherever you want, free from the necessity to source power, that ties you to a campsite or such like. True freedom, with the need to rough it!

Experience it for yourself

Motorhome interior 2

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