, / October 25th, 2019

Three Reasons Why Members Love Azure X’s Ambassador Programme

  1. You’re sharing something exciting that comes with loads of health benefits

With flash cars, glamorous yachts and fancy places to stay, there’s no questioning Azure X’s excitement factor. An added bonus that comes from introducing friends and family to X is that it’s seriously good for them. Seriously.

Not only has it been clinically proven that going on holiday directly benefits our health and well-being, but new experiences—such as a gastro tour of Ireland in a motorhome, a Sunseeker trip around Sicily or simply having a massage for the first time—are the type of memories we remember vividly.

Called the science of wonder, it’s why new experiences are so beneficial, and it’s why sharing X with friends and family is fun and feels good to do.

  1. The Programme is fun, simple and takes no time at all

While the Azure X Ambassador Programme is designed for our most entrepreneurial members, you don’t need a business qualification to make it work for you.

If you qualify, you will be allocated 10 weeks at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands. Meet up with friends or family, give them a call or even post on social media about your experiences of the resort and Azure X. Members tell us it’s so easy to get friends interested in Golden Sands once they’ve seen photos of the resort.

Plus, your Azure Ambassador representative is always on hand for ideas and sales material such as posters, emails, videos and more.

If people are interested in your referral and want to book a week or two, great! Now’s the time to talk money.

  1. You stand to make some tidy sums

First, you decide how much you want to charge your referral for their holiday, from a minimum of £249 up to a maximum of £500. Inform your Azure Ambassador Representative of the holiday price you’ve agreed with your referral and they’ll take care of the rest.

Minus a 5% card transaction fee and a £49 administration fee, you’ll be paid the holiday fee once your referral has visited the resort and taken the obligatory tour. You’ll be paid the holiday fee regardless if a membership is taken up or not.

That means you could earn anything between £2,490 and £5,000 if you sell all your 10 weeks. . . and that’s not all.

Azure X will pay you £1,000 for each new full membership (excluding trial memberships), that comes from your referrals, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement. If applicable, personal tax liabilities are the responsibility of you the Ambassador.

That’s a maximum of £15,000 you could make for referring 10 weeks as an Azure Ambassador.

Not a bad little return, is it?

If you fancy spreading the Azure X gospel of living the life of Riley, click here now to apply to become an Ambassador, or to refer someone.

Know this for a fact, it’ll be the easiest, most enjoyable money you’ve ever made.









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Apply now for an Azure X taster experience. If you qualify, you’ll enjoy full VIP treatment for 7 nights at Azure X’s flagship resort in Malta. With its pristine Blue Flag beachfront setting, over 8 restaurants and bars, lagoon pools, full-treatment spa and much more, the 5 star Golden Sands Resort & Spa has all the ingredients for the perfect Mediterranean getaway.

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